Thursday, July 5, 2012

Point of View

RvP issued a statement saying he is not signing the extension to remain at Arsenal Football Club…he tweeted this announcement on the 4th of July (subliminal dig there at Silent Stan?). It hurt, maybe not as much as Cesc but the culmination of Cesc + Nasri + RvP in such a short time has really put a damper on things…

Just observing the responses to the "announcement" you get the sense that Arsenal fans (some not all) have become sort of cynical and jaded - its kind of like a defensive mechanism, you see it with other fan bases around the world the "lovable losers" the "one or two players away from being…" the "on the precipice" - but wasn't RvP supposed to be different? Didn't he truly LOVE Arsenal? Didn't he truly love London? He didn't have a birthright club to go back to, we stuck by him through his injuries, made him Captain, even bought players early this summer to show intent - so why didn't he sign?

Rather than go anti-Robin, let me try to foresee what might happen next…

Gervinho has an incredible 2013/2014 season (he showed promise in the 2012/2013 season but was hampered by injury after the 2013 ACN)

It is time to start trying to extend his contract but he is hesitant…Arsenal fans are FURIOUS.

Let's look at it from Gervinho's point of view…

I signed with Arsenal in the summer of 2011 - very excited, ecstatic even.

I am going to play alongside Cesc and Nasri…

Maybe not.

We got a lot of £ now, I hear we are going to get some exciting players like Mata.

Ok, maybe not.

This new Captain is not too bad!

Hmm, maybe if we sign my friend Hazard from my old club Lille who is also fellow countrymen with Verminator we can really do some damage next season.

He picked Chelsea too! We finished above Chelsea! That Roman guy must have a lot of money, but didn't we get a lot of money from Cesc and Nasri??

Well, at least we still have our Captain….

Wait, WHAT???

I thought I signed with a team that featured Cesc, Nasri, Wilshere, and RvP

We signed Giroud - he had an incredible season in Ligue 1 last year…

you know who also had an incredible season in the French league the year before they moved to the Prem?

that's right…ME!

By the time he adjusts Man City will be calling…and then Giroud can join me there :)

I wonder if the medical staff at Arsenal will ever figure out that Wilshere injury…he looked talented the couple of times I saw him in practice,

Cesc told me the same thing about Diaby too...

Is this the new cycle? Can anybody blame Gervinho from thinking that this is indeed a selling club, just based on his time here so far? And yes, I guess I am one of those cynical jaded fans now too...


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